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The new, unique office landscape in Building 5 is a hub for the development of the industry of the future.

Building 5 in Raufoss Industrial Park has undergone continuous development over the years. Its role in connecting the past, present, and future of the industry has been further strengthened.

Now, a new initiative is being taken to create dedicated coworking spaces, office hotels, and meeting centers at the entrance of Raufoss Industrial Park.

- We have had this idea for Building 5 for many years, says Tove Løkken, CEO of Krudtverket AS.

She and her colleagues are responsible for managing the newly available third-floor spaces in Building 5.

- Since 2006/2007, the plan has been to construct a building that serves as a bridge connecting the community with those outside of it. With the recent renovation of the third floor, the entire Building 5 has been upgraded internally, says Løkken. And adds:
- This is the unique meeting place and home of the industry we've always dreamed of.
"Absolutely Fantastic"
"The Factory Building 5" is the name of the new office landscape. The space covers approximately 800 square meters and boasts top-of-the-line facilities and infrastructure for those who want to be a part of the industrial park. These amenities include meeting rooms, office spaces, meeting places, and coworking areas.

- In addition, clients who desire larger exclusive offices can rent about 400 square meters on the same floor, Løkken says.

According to Øivind Hansebråten, CEO of Raufoss Industrial Park AS, the addition of the new facility will make the industrial park's offerings complete.

- This is fantastic news! We've been wanting to offer a more accessible option to attract a wider audience, says Hansebråten.

- The threshold for renting office spaces and meeting rooms has been too challenging for many people. However, we are now pleased to offer these spaces on an à la carte basis. This provides a different option compared to renting a factory building for 15 years and will be a great solution for many. 

The Right Time

Hansebråten clarified that the real estate company has had a long-standing desire to establish a coworking space.

- We have been wanting to do this project for a long time, and now is the perfect time to carry it out, says Hansebråten.

Approximately 15 million kroner have been invested in renovating the third floor.
The new meeting place has quickly gained popularity even without significant marketing efforts.

- The desire to be a part of this industry is great, and there is a clear recognition of the environment and opportunities that can be found here in Raufoss Industrial Park, says Løkken.

- This is a new hub, providing greater opportunities for people to be a part of the park. An inviting arena has been created to connect the industrial park with the community in a more intimate and effective way, says Løkken.


Krudtverket AS operates the industrial park's newest "factory", and Gro Anette Homb is the factory manager.

- Our core expertise at Krudtverket is creating meeting places and building networks. The type of business that The Factory enables is what is closest to our hearts and our work, says Homb.

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