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Northward bound!

Raufoss Industrial Park is currently expanding its facilities by constructing a new northern area. The owners aim to double the current turnover by 2030, which requires new production facilities for both external and new tenants. Almost all the real estate in the park is occupied, leading to plans for further expansion and increased attractiveness for new actors. 

To meet the rising demand, a new zoning plan has been adopted in the autumn of 2022 after several years of work. The plan will facilitate significant growth and development in the park, with the development of a new plot area to the north. The new plot area is about 200 acres.

This new area will make nearly 100,000 square meters of new construction available, offering great opportunities for future expansion. With the doubling of the building area from the current 270,000 square meters, the goal for Raufoss Industrial Park is to double the turnover of the companies in the park by 2030.

Raufoss Industrial Park aims to reduce energy expenditure and greenhouse gas emissions in support of national environmental goals.The Park plays a central role in the most important green innovation projects that have potential for export and value creation.

When Innlandsporteføljen was launched, Raufoss Industrial Park was named as being Norways most energyeffective Industrial Park, and was named as a leading hub for green manufacturing.
Statsforvalteren i Innlandet and Innovation Norway wants to help the most important green innovationprojects inside of Innlandet county that are best suited for export and growth.

The summer of 2024
Work on the development of the new northern area began in February 2023 and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024. The estimated cost for the development of plots and infrastructure, including roads, water and sewage systems, district heating, compressed air, electricity supply, and fiber, is around 170 million Norwegian kroner.

A number of the park's major tenants have already made plans to build new production facilities in the new northern area. One of these tenants is Nammo AS, which is playing a crucial role in enhancing security in Europe by increasing production. Nammo AS is among the companies taking the initiative to start construction projects.

- Raufoss Industrial Park is committed to building a modern industrial park that prioritizes environmentally friendly solutions for the future.

Øivind Hansebråten - CEO of Raufoss Industrial Park.

A sustainable industrial park for the future.
Investments are being made in infrastructure for district heating within the industrial park. The goal is to heat buildings using waste heat from production, and solutions for using energy wells for heating and free-cooling, and storing excess heat in bedrock are being explored. The zoning plan also allows for densification in the existing parts of the industrial park, ensuring sufficient space for growth and development. The area is also exploring the possibility of a local heating system with support from Enova and examining opportunities to connect several district heating systems in collaboration with Eidsiva Bioenergi. This will allow waste heat from industrial production to be used to heat buildings outside the park as well.

The regulation plan will also promote densification in existing parts of the park, so that there will be enough space available for growth and development in the future.

- Raufoss Industrial Park is eagerly awaiting the realization of its ambitious expansion project, which aims to boost employment opportunities, drive economic growth, and promote sustainable development in the region. By developing the northern area, the park's position as a crucial player in Norwegian industry and as a catalyst for green industrial innovation will be strengthened, concludes Hansebråten.

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