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For 125 years, Raufoss Industrial Park, with its rich history and innovative prowess, has been a beacon of Norwegian industrial production. An industrial park hosting over 50 companies and nearly 3 000 jobs, it exemplifies how a profitable Norwegian industry can evolve in harmony with the environment and society.  



46% Productivity growth   
At Raufoss, growth is much more than a complex term. Daily, small changes contributing to growth are witnessed. Through long term cooperation in NCE Manufacturing, the cluster companies increased productivity by a remarkable 46%, compared to 19% in other Norwegian land-based industries.  


  • Why is Raufoss Industrial Park Suitable for Industrial Establishment?  
    Access to qualified workforce   
    The region boasts a skilled and technically competent workforce, including engineers, technicians, and skilled workers, as well as fresh talents from local educational institutions like Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and Innlandet Vocational School, and an in-house vocational training factory.  
    Technological innovation environment   
    The companies in the industrial park have strong innovation, research, and development environments, making the Industrial Park truly unique. It is closely connected with research institutions like SINTEF, development centers like the Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult, and has significant collaboration between industry and academia.  
    Infrastructure and logistics   
    Annually, 35 000 trucks transport goods from the industrial park throughout Europe. Its proximity to ports, airports, and export/import logistics networks enables highly efficient operations. This also includes essential digital infrastructure.  
    Supportive local community and national authorities   
    Raufoss Industrial Park is backed by local and national authorities, with regulatory processes being straightforward and transparent.  
    Networking and collaboration opportunities   
    Access to well-functioning industrial networks both locally and nationally. Opportunities for synergies, partnerships, and business opportunities through an established culture of sharing in the industrial park.  
    Stability and security   
    Norway and Raufoss represent a politically, economically, and socially stable region, both physically and digitally. The location is also the headquarters for Northern Europe's largest cybersecurity environment at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Campus Gjøvik.  
    Market access and export   
    Through Norwegian industry and established trade agreements, the park is closely connected to key markets, ensuring easy and efficient export globally.  
    Sustainability and environmental considerations   
    Norway and the Norwegian industry have a strong focus on sustainable production, including access to renewable energy and recycling facilities.  
    Cost of living and quality of life   
    Norway offers a very high standard of living and stable conditions. Workers are well-educated, and the Raufoss community has access to a stable workforce.  
    Access to capital and financing opportunities   
    Norway and the region possess significant financial resources and access to capital through local investment opportunities, state funds, venture capital, and robust banking and financial institutions.  



Who is Raufoss Industrial Park?   
Raufoss Industrial Park has evolved into one of Norway's largest industrial parks, internationally recognized for its world-class production with the highest requirements on safety, reliability and value for money. With companies like Nammo, Benteler, Kongsberg Automotive, Isiflo, Raufoss Technology, and Neuman, the park demonstrates international top level technology within niches, especially in defence and automotive markets  
Green industry   
Responding to increased demand for eco-friendly solutions, Raufoss Industrial Park positions itself as a key player, with ambitions surpassing even governmental goals. Special expertise in light weighting, based on innovative use of aluminum and composite materials, makes the industrial park an ideal partner.  
Collaboration and skills development   
Through strong collaboration between industry and academia, with key players like NTNU, SINTEF Manufacturing, and Innlandet Vocational School, the industrial park stands as a hub for development of skills and innovation. This collaboration ensures access to qualified skilled workers, engineers and scientists.  
Facilitating further growth   
With ambitious plans for expansion, including an additional 230 decares for industrial development, Raufoss Industrial Park is preparing for future growth. This expansion, focusing on energy-efficient and green solutions, underscores the park's commitment to sustainable solutions. Investments in district heating and low-temperature networks will utilize waste heat from the industry, achieving energy efficiency that lays the foundation for more sustainable industrial production.  
Export and global competitiveness   
With an export share of 95%, Raufoss Industrial Park plays a central role in Norway's industrial ecosystem. The park's contribution to national and international markets highlights its ability to produce high-quality components and products for world-leading customers.  
A future in Raufoss Industrial Park?   
Raufoss Industrial Park is more than a production site; it's a dynamic community of innovators, service providers, and manufacturers collectively creating a robust industrial ecosystem that is both sustainable and forward-looking.  
For businesses seeking a place to grow, Raufoss Industrial Park offers not just the necessary resources and infrastructure, but also an environment that fosters collaboration and continuous improvement. 




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