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NAM Revolutionizes the Market with Groundbreaking Technology and Proven Quality in Metal 3D Printing

Nordic Additive Manufacturing (NAM) is a leading player in industrial 3D printing worldwide. NAM has its origins in the Raufoss environment. The technology has the potential to revolutionize how the industry develops and manufactures products. The process is now quality-assured and certified, which means that NAM will emerge as a pioneer and pave the way for a more sustainable industry.


Groundbreaking technology

The technology behind NAM is groundbreaking. With a DNV qualification in Laser Metal Deposition, NAM is the first in the world to be able to do this. Therefore, NAM has set a new standard in additive manufacturing technology.

Through advanced software and a full 5-axis CNC controlling the movements, it is possible to build upon, repair, and create new parts in a variety of materials. The technology also enables combinations of materials that are not possible with traditional methods. By enabling these combinations, the technology presents opportunities to enhance product properties and performance.

Certified Processes

- Historically, product quality and assurance of process and production has been challenging, limiting opportunities for deliveries to demanding markets, says CEO Sture Sørli.

Insufficient documentation of quality, coupled with expensive production processes, have been holding back competition with traditional methods. However, those times are now over.

NAM has worked closely with Sintef Manufacturing, as well as key customers such as Equinor and Nammo, to certify the production process according to DNV and international standards. This unique positioning of NAM will pave the way for international success.

Sustainable Solutions

One of the main arguments in favor of additive manufacturing is its positive impact on the environment. This is true both in the manufacturing process itself, as well as in storage and logistics. As transportation costs increase, producing parts closer to the customer becomes a more cost-effective solution. Additionally, there is a growing need to reduce the carbon footprint in industrial production, and additive manufacturing can play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

- Additive manufacturing has the potential to significantly decrease the industry's carbon footprint. By reducing waste, repairing instead of discarding, minimizing transportation, and creating lighter products with innovative properties, the technology can revolutionize the industry.

Tor Henning Molstad, who is responsible for sales and marketing, explains the benefits of this technology.



Ragasco, Raufoss Technology, Neuman, Isiflo, and the Norwegian Defense have all approved the technology and product quality and the same applies to challenging customers.

- NAM has set a new standard in manufacturing technology with its groundbreaking additive manufacturing system. This system has the ability to deliver a variety of metal alloys, which will shape the future and change the industry. The company is aiming to expand globally and is currently raising funds through a larger emission, as stated by Molstad.

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