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We are currently on the precipice of a shift that will radically alter how industry is run in Norway. This restructuring process needs bright minds who can bring their visions, knowledge and skills to help make the Norwegian manufacturing industry even more environmentally-friendly, smarter, more innovative and more productive than it is today. 

The companies at Raufoss Industrial Park are all high-tech environments which require great competencies from their staff at all levels. The companies all have an extensive history of industrial manufacturing for an international market. In order to secure their competitiveness, the companies at the park need to connect with individuals who can contribute their knowledge and expertise to a professional and high-functioning work environment.

If your application is intended for a particular company, then you are advised to contact them directly. You can find their contact information under the 'our tenants' tab in the menu.


The recruitment of skilled workers with a certificate of completed apprenticeship (fagbrev) is very important to all of the companies at Raufoss Industrial Park. For apprenticeships, you can contact OFII – a coordinating body which administers a scheme on behalf of membership companies both within and beyond the industrial park. OFII is responsible for the recruitment and training of apprentices.

Raufoss Industrial Park and its companies enjoy a good level of collaboration with various different schools and educational institutions. The companies have a particular requirement for technological expertise and have directed their attention towards study programmes in this area, but anyone with an interest in industry is encouraged to get in touch.

We can offer work experience placements, project assignments in connection with study, guided tours and information to various schools and universities.

For more information: Opplæringskontoret for industrifag i Innlandet


Through NCE Manufacturing we are a member of Trainee Innlandet, the largest regional traineeship programme for recent graduates. This scheme offers graduates the opportunity to gain varied experience from major employers. 

For more information: Trainee Innlandet



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