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About the park
About the park

The Industrial Community
– 125 years of innovation and development

Ever since the industrial revolution, Raufoss Industrial Park has been a site of innovation, development and knowledge sharing. As one of the biggest industrial parks in the country, with close links to SINTEF, the Norwegian Centre of Expertise and the Norwegian University of Science & Technology, the park has developed into one of the fastest growing and most internationally-oriented industrial parks anywhere in Norway.

Throughout its history, the Raufoss environment has been a site of rapid development where companies have collaborated strategically in close proximity and using shared resources. This approach has positioned the park at the leading edge of robotised and automated technologies for industrial manufacturing within the area of lightweight materials.

As the owner, Raufoss Industrial Park supports growth and development in line with the needs of its tenants, and by setting the scene for an industrial community to emerge and expand, we unite professional environments both within the park and beyond. Our focus is placed squarely on providing the right framework and infrastructure for a sustainable industrial environment that will continue to flourish for yet another hundred years to come.


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