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A two-year job interview with pay and opportunities

At the Catapult Centre, we seek out some of the brightest young talents in the Innlandet region; this is where we’re training up the new generation to lead industry into the future. 
The Training Office for Industry in Innlandet (OFII) is a coordinating body responsible for the training of apprentices and it acts as an essential link between the county, member companies and training centres in the Innlandet region. Located at Raufoss Industrial Park as part of the Catapult Centre, Tor Magne Furusethagen and Asgeir Brennengen guide 100 apprentices each year through their training on behalf of 30 member companies in and around the industrial park. Their task is to promote the opportunities that exist within industry and to ensure the long-term recruitment of new and bright minds to Industrial Norway. 
A job to grow in
Most of what we surround ourselves with has been produced by industry, therefore we will always need industry. Choosing a vocational career path is a stable choice for the future and the combination of theoretical and practical training alongside work experience produces candidates who are very attractive to the job market. Vocational training programmes have struggled with a poor reputation in the past, but that time is now over. Today it is only the brightest and most promising young students who get into some of the programmes, says Brennengen "The industry of the future is after employees with a broad focus on both technology and practical skills, and that is what we teach here at the industrial park".



Job training for the head and for the hands
New technologies mean new opportunities for production in Norway, and the companies at Raufoss possess cutting-edge expertise as world leaders within robotised and automated technologies for industrial manufacturing. "Paying high salaries means there is a need for smart production processes. For the industry to remain competitive, we need skilled and independent workers. In Norway we have the highest salaries for industry workers anywhere in the world, but this is only possible because our workers perform tasks that in other countries would be the work of engineers, explains Brennengen. By inviting schools down to the industrial park and through participation in careers and training fairs in close collaboration with sector organisations, OFII hopes to show that the future of Norwegian industry is incredibly exciting.


Green industry
Industry is key to solving the global environmental problems that we will face in the future. "Norwegian industry is fuelled by hydropower and there are very strict rules on emissions. Norwegian industry is helping to refine hydropower and to protect our forests and mountains; additionally we also produce metals and other materials which can be used in solar panels, toothpaste, soft-serve ice cream and ships", says Brennengen with a smile. Industry can form part of the solution for a greener future, as long as it can be kept alive by fresh minds who are able to work independently and to take on a lot of responsibility. "Common sense and practical skills have become scarce resources, both in society at large and within industry. This is something we need to change and it is precisely here that OFII and the Catapult Centre at Raufoss are coming into play.
A far-sighted endeavour
Apprentices make solid contributions to their company over the course of their training and for those who wish to stay on after completing their vocational programme, there is no shortage of opportunities for further training. Fagskolen Innlandet offers apprentices the chance to further enhance their practical knowledge in combination with management training. If you want to become an engineer, you can study a specially adapted course based on your apprenticeship certificate or take a foundation course in maths and science before then progressing onto an ordinary engineering programme. "The combination of an apprenticeship certificate and a subsequent qualification in engineering will open the doors to a wide range of exciting jobs in industry. Time spent as an apprentice is a unique opportunity to show off your skills and pave your way forward", concludes Brennengen.



• OFII is located at Raufoss Industrial Park as a part of the Catapult Centre and the Learning Factory (Læringsfabrikken).

• OFII is owned by and administers approximately 125 apprentices on behalf of 30 member companies.

• Currently approved for 14 different trades.

• OFII offers skills conversion courses for member companies which lead to a certificate of completed apprenticeship for workers without formal qualifications.

• Participating companies receive a grant which covers some of the expenses involved in training an apprentice. The companies can decide for themselves whether or not to hire the apprentices afterwards.

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