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Latest news We are Fully Committed to Sustainability
We are Fully Committed to Sustainability

Our goal is to be a driving force! When it comes to projects where Katapulten is involved, we consider people, the environment and then the economy. In that particular order.

These are the sentiments expressed by Emma Østerbø and Finn Aspelien from the Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult Center (MTNC) in Raufoss Industrial Park. They provide both equipment and expertise in production technology. The centre's mission is to ensure that Norwegian companies are fully prepared for a future marked by escalating requirements in terms of innovation, environmental sustainability and sophisticated production technology.


- Both of us agree that although this won't happen overnight, it's essential that the industry steps up and assumes a leadership role, we believe this is an area of growing concern for most people.

Østerbø and Aspelien have considerable expertise in assisting projects that set increasingly stringent standards for sustainable manufacturing within production processes.

Living on Credit

According to the international "think tank" Global Footprint Network, in 2021 Earth Overshoot Day, the date when we use more from nature than our planet can regenerate in the entire year fell on Thursday, July 29. By that point, we had depleted the reserves of renewable natural resources and reverted to sourcing from the earth on credit. Each year this date seems to be earlier, creeping closer to Spring. The report reveals that we are currently consuming natural resources as if there were an extra 1.7 Earths to spare!

- Nature provides us with renewable resources, but they're not infinite, Østerbø remarks.

- This date highlights the way in which our consumption exceeds nature's ability to replenish itself. We must work to reverse this trend and we are committed to doing our share.


Our Perspective on Sustainability
Katapulten assists companies in developing production based on automated processes while also examining product composition and testing protocols. The perception is that far more people now want to streamline and reduce their consumption, plastics and energy use. The industry is embracing its responsibility, but it's a gradual process that won’t happen overnight. However, this is an area where a significant portion of the overall impact is focused.

Hydroelectric Power and Aluminium
Taking into account the combination of Norwegian hydroelectric power and the use of so-called green aluminium, in addition to the focus on hydrogen, Norwegian industry has a great deal to bring to the table. Aluminium constitutes a significant amount of Norway's export revenues and plays a crucial role in the green transition. Still, aluminium production requires substantial energy resources. 

- Aluminium is widely regarded as the metal of the future and with the advent of the green transition, there is anticipated growth in demand for construction, electrification and transportation. Thanks to its lightweight properties and recyclability, aluminium produced from renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important material in applications such as wind turbines, solar cell structures and batteries,  says Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO of SINTEF.

MTNC has its headquarters at Raufoss and is operated by SINTEF Manufacturing. The industrial environment at Raufoss has a long-standing tradition of using aluminium in its product manufacturing processes.

The automotive industry at Raufoss is leading the way in utilising weight-reducing and environmentally friendly materials like aluminium in its products.

Customer requirements
Its the customers themselves who are driving the demand! The automotive industry has a significant presence in Raufoss Industrial Park. There is an increasing need to be able to dismantle suspensions and fully reuse them. Products should be designed for reversibility, over and over again. Accomplishing this demands expertise in terms of initial product assembly, an area where Katapulten provides invaluable assistance through knowledge and testing throughout the manufacturing process.
- These are just a few examples of how Katapulten can provide support and how the industry is able to contribute to the solution. We advocate for a circular approach in all our production processes and manufacturing methods. It's the collective effort that counts! conclude two industrial optimists.

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