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About us

Raufoss Industrial Park with its more than 3000 employees is situated 120 km north of Oslo, and is through its 100 years of innovative history internationally well known as a supplier of diversified and advanced mechanical products.

StøperiToday the park houses nearly 40 different companies which compete on the global markets serving the worlds most demanding customers.

Raufoss Industripark can offer the best facilities and an environment characterized by high competence in a broad variety of sectors and businesses.

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Contact information and an overview over the companies present in Raufoss Industrial Park.

Driving instructions on how to reach Raufoss Industripark.

If you wish to contact the owner and administrator for Raufoss Industrial Park, please use the following contact information:

Telephone: +4761154490
Fax: +4761152010
Postal address: Mail box 103, 2831 Raufoss, Norway
Contact person: John Einar Jørgensen


About us